jueves, 29 de marzo de 2012

                                                   Colombia and Its Departments

Under the Constitution of 1991, Colombia is composed of 32 Departments andonecapital district (Bogota). It is a country extremely rich climate, flora and fauna, highlevel givesa Which of Biodiversity.

Puente de Boyacá, una fuente de historia

Puente de Boyacá

Boyacá Bridge is a monument declared National Cultural Heritage and belongs to theHistoric and Cultural District of the city of Tunja in central Colombia. It is located on the Colombian Andes on one side of the Via Panamericana (Bogota-Caracas roadsegment) between Bogota and Tunja, 110 km northeast of Bogota and 14 km west ofTunja, in a valley crossed by the river Teatinos. Numerous monuments have been erected nearby to commemorate the historic victory of the independence on August 7, 1819, known as the Battle of Boyaca, which granted independence to Colombia.

The gap was one of the sacred lakes of the Muisca in which it held a ceremony in which the Zipa (Caciquebathed in the waters covered with gold. This is one of the origins ofthe legend of El Dorado. The famous Balsa Muisca on display at the Museo del Oro isevidence that such rituals were held in the lakes of the region.